GoPro Hero 6 Accessories Must Have

 Your GoPro can capture some amazing video and photos from almost anywhere, but you'll need the right gear, depending on where you want to use your camera. These accessories will be the most useful to the most people.

GoPro Hero 6 Accessories Must Have

 For owners of the Session, Hero6, Hero5 and Hero4 camera lines, we recommend mounts for nearly any place you might want to put your camera, along with extras, such as battery chargers and remote controls, to keep the shooting going.

 Most of these accessories work with all GoPros. (We note the instances when that's not the case.) Ready, action!

#1- Karma Grip For GoPro Hero 6 Black

 Getting stabilized footage on an action camera like the GoPro hero 6 Black is extremely hard and that’s exactly where the Karma Grip kicks in. Consider it to be a handheld gimbal stabilizer just like the popular DJI Osmo Mobile/Osmo Mobile 2, as it delivers professional quality stabilization that lets you record cinema-quality video out of your GoPro regardless of where you are.

 The GoPro Karma Grip has built-in camera controls for added functionality and the battery on it is good enough to last for about an hour and 45 minutes.

 Price: 299.00$

#2- GoPro Dual Battery Charger + Battery (HERO6 Black/HERO5 Black) 

GoPro Dual Battery Charger

 You can expect, at best, 2 hours from a single charge of your GoPro. To keep shooting, top up two batteries at once with this package that includes a second battery and a dual charger. GoPro sells kits for both the Hero6 and the Hero5 Black and Silver models. (The Session models don't have removable batteries.)

#3- Lexar 128GB microSDXC Memory Card For GoPro Hero 6 Black

 If you’re planning to shoot a lot of action-packed crispy 4K videos from your new GoPro Hero 6 Black, you’ll need a super-fast high capacity memory card to meet your demands. Lexar is a brand that has gained quite a reputation for manufacturing some stellar memory cards and this one is no exception on that regard.

Lexar 128GB microSDXC Memory Card

 With a capacity of 128 GB and a maximum read transfer speed of 150 MB/s, this SD card is fully capable of being used along with the GoPro Hero 6 Black without any slow-downs. It also comes with a microSD UHS-II reader for transferring all the media files to your computer with absolute ease.

#4- Anker Powercore 20100

 One of the problems of travelling with a GoPro is that battery life is obviously finite. You can of course buy an extra battery or two, but if you’re out in the field and away from a power outlet, charging can be difficult. Plus, if you’re shooting a long time-lapse you can’t change batteries part way through.

Anker Powercore 20100

 While GoPro does manufacture its own portable power pack, the Anker Powercore 20100 provides a much higher capacity at a seriously low price in comparison. Anker claim the pack can charge smartphones up to seven times, and can even charge a MacBook using USB-C, so plenty of juice for GoPro cameras and you can even charge up to three devices at once!

 To ensure the safety of your devices the Powercore features smart-charging PowerIQ and current-stabilising VoltageBoost providing the fastest possible safe charge up to 2.4 A. Then there’s surge protection and short circuit prevention.

#5- Karma Core 

 GoPro’s first foray into the world of drones, the Karma was famously originally launched back in November 2016, but was recalled due to battery issues that were causing ‘copters to drop out of the sky. The problem now fixed, GoPro has relaunched its drone.

 The complete Karma setup consists of the drone itself, a rechargeable battery, a charger, a remote control with a 5in 720p touchscreen, a Karma Grip gimbal mount, a GoPro Hero 6 Black camera, and the Karma Case, a sturdy padded backpack that carries the lot. We’ve already written separate reviews of the Karma Grip and Hero 6 Hero Black, so we won’t spend too much time discussing their individual merits here.

#6- Sennheiser MKE 2 Elements Action Mic

 While GoPros are known for their video quality, they're not all that good when it comes to capturing audio. Sennheiser's Action Mic helps solve that with its omni-directional microphone that comes with a windscreen, and can pick up sounds from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Plus, it can be dunked in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes, so you can take it surfing.

The MKE 2 Elements snaps onto the rear case of the Hero4 Black and Silver cameras, and creates a water-tight seal.

Honestly, i don't know if it's compatible with GoPro Hero 6 but it's amazing mic.

#7- GoPro Hero 6 Black 3-Way

 If the pocket-friendly GoPro Shorty is not good enough for you, then this is the one that you should be going for, as it features a three-in-one design. That’s right, the 3-Way as the name suggests, can be used as a camera grip, extension arm, or tripod for ultra versatility wherever you go, thereby letting you get the best shots at the hardest angles with absolute ease.

 The handle on the 3-Way also doubles as a grip and can be detached and used as a lightweight camera grip. This accessory is also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about taking it for a dive.

#8- WindSlayer - GoPro Hero 6 Black

WindSlayer - GoPro Hero 6 Black

 Wind noise is one of the biggest problems with any GoPro video. The foam WindSlayer wraps around the GoPro to cut down on the whooshing sound as you’re hurtling down the mountain. This package comes with two WindSlayers.

#7- GoPole Scenelapse - GoPro Hero 6

With the fantastic options shooting timelapse stills and video with GoPro cameras, a simple way to create dynamic results is to make the camera rotate during shooting. The GoPole Scenelapse allows you to do just that, offering a rotation of 360° over the course of 60 minutes. Simply set up your GoPro, wind the unit and let it do its thing.

 The GoPole Scenelapse is fully mechanical so no batteries are required, and it features a standard tripod screw on the bottom allowing you to attach it to a mini or full size tripod. On the top is a removable GoPro mount with a high torque thumb screw, so you can attach your GoPro or even a small DSLR or mirrorless camera. The small and easy to use unit weighs just 85g/3oz and is compatible with all GoPro cameras.

#8- GoPro Hero6 Venture Filter 3-Pack 

The PolarPro Venture Filter 3-Pack for GoPro Hero6 Black is an excellent value for the aspiring filmmaker or content creator. This pack includes three commonly used PolarPro filters, a Polarizer, ND8 and Graduated ND8, that will help improve your video and image quality, minimizing the time you spend at your computer in post-production, so you can focus on your next adventure.

 The Polarizer filter is the perfect tool for reducing glare and increasing color saturation to make your content pop and is ideal in conditions where you are content with the camera’s shutter speed but want to make the scene more vibrant. For ease of use, the GoPro Hero6 Polarizer filter is preset to the max linear polarization angle, no adjustments required. Simply press-fit the filter over your camera lens and you’re good to go.

 The ND8 neutral density filter will help reduce the native high shutter speed of the GoPro Hero6 by 3 stops, giving your video a more natural cinematic look and smoother composition. Lastly, the Graduated ND8 filter is used for capturing stunning sunsets or sunrises. Dark on the top and softly transitioning to clear on the bottom, the Graduated ND8 helps reduce the brightness of the sky while maintaining exposure below the horizon line, creating a more balanced exposure between the bright sky and the darker ground.

 The Graduated ND8 filter produces beautifully exposed cinematic compositions. Each Venture filter press-fits over the Hero6 camera lens for easy installation and removal and include safety tethers for the unexpected. And let’s face it— when filming with an action cam, the unexpected happens, a lot. PolarPro’s GoPro Hero6 Venture Filter 3-Pack is one of many great GoPro Hero 6 accessories for the experienced user but will also appeal to enthusiasts and novices alike. Includes a compact carrying case to keep the filters protected and ready to use.

#9- GoPro Fetch

 If the Chesty is for humans, then GoPro’s Fetch is for man’s best friend. The Fetch is one of the coolest mounts for dog owners, as it gives you a look at the world from your dog’s point of view. The contraption allows you to place your camera either on your dog’s back or just below its chest, depending on how you want to arrange things.

 The harness is also washable, so Fido can roll in the mud all he likes. Finally, you get to see what your dog has been up to when you aren’t around.

#10- GoPro Hero 6 - GoPole Lens Pen Cleaner

 A dirty lens can ruin your entire days filming. Make sure you keep your GoPro Hero Lens as clean as possible with the GoPole Lens Pen Cleaner. To use the Lens Pen Cleaner simply wipe your Hero Lens with the flexible chamois Lens Pen cleaning tip then wipe away the excess cleaning solution with the super soft, ultra fine bristle brush. A cleaner lens equals clearer footage.

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