Dji Ryze Tello Iron Man Review - What's the Difference

 Fly like a hero and rule the sky with the pimped up DJI Tello drone and new app.
 Drone start-up RYZE Tech has collaborated with Marvel and Disney to announce the Tello Iron Man Edition today in the United States, Canada and Europe. Building on the success of Tello and Tello EDU, Tello Iron Man Edition comes with a cool new look inspired by Iron Man’s iconic armor in addition to a new flight control app featuring his AI assistant, FRIDAY.
 Tello’s new drone is themed around Iron Man and comes with a design job that matches the superhero’s iconic suit. At $129, the new mini drone is a bit more expensive than its predecessor was, something we can probably chalk up to this new licensing deal. Even then, $129 isn’t very much money when we’re talking about most typical consumer drones.
Ryze Tello Iron Man
The original Dji Tello launched last year with technological backing from Intel and DJI. The result was a highly capable but incredibly affordable little drone. The Tello was revamped at the end of 2018 in the form of the Tello EDU, a model focused specifically on the ed-tech market.
 So, what's the difference between the original and Tello Iron Man?
 Before answering this question let's discover the features of the new Dji tello iron man edition.

Dji Tello Iron Man Edition Specs:

 Tello Iron Man Edition includes DJI’s flight control technology, which means stable flying and plenty of interesting autonomous modes.

The Iron Man themed drone has an HD camera and can snap 5-megapixel photos and 720p video while streaming to a mobile device. One button modes include EZ shot, 360° Video and Circle. There are also pre-programmed 8-Direction Flips and the ability to Throw & Go.

Dji Tello Iron Man Edition Specs

In terms of safety, Tello Iron Man comes with soft propellers, propeller guards, a collision detection system and low battery protection features.

This drone also boasts up to 13 minutes of flight time and a 100-meter maximum distance.
 Tello Iron Man Edition supports the Tello EDU app and the Swift Playgrounds app, as well as Python and Scratch, a visual programming language. Thanks to this, you can programme the drone to fly and perform tricks just as Tony Stark programmes his technology to combat malignant forces. 

What is the difference between the Tello Iron Man Edition and the Original Tello?

Dji Ryze Tello Iron Man

 The Ryze Tello Iron Man edition of the Tello isn’t all that different from the original. It still has the same 720p camera that is stabilized electronically. It still features the same intelligent flight modes. It still has the sensors and altitude hold that make the Tello one of the most stable non-GPS drones we have ever tested.

 There are two major differences. The Iron Man Tello has an obviously different design. It’s gold motors and red Iron Man shell make it stand out and if you are a Marvel Avengers fan then this is the drone for you. The other is it has an Iron Man themed app. While the app doesn’t have any real added functionality it does look a bit different and has a neat Avengers feel to it.

Ryze Tello Iron Man Price and Availability

Avengers: Endgame arrives in movie theaters around the world from April 24, 2019, but until then, join in on the action with the new Tello Iron Man Edition, available at and official retail partners in United States, Canada and across Europe, at a retail price of $129/€139/£129.
Each Tello Iron Man Edition box comes with one Tello Iron Man Edition drone, two sets of spare propellers, one battery and a USB charging cable. For expanded control, Tello is also compatible with the GameSir T1d Bluetooth remote, which is sold separately and is available for purchase through
Dji Ryze Tello Iron Man Box

In the box:

  • Aircraft x 1Propellers (Pair) x 4
  • Propeller Guards (set) x 1
  • Battery x 1
  • Micro USB cable x 1
  • Propeller Removal Tool x 1

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