10 Best Dji Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom Accessories - Must Have

 DJI Mavic 2, one of the most awaited drones in 2018, is the result of a partnership between the renowned drone company DJI and a lot of company. A combination of powerful features, amazing design, and an incredible camera.

 To take your Dji Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom footage to the next level and capture even better shots it’s worth considering investing in a few of the best DJI Mavic 2 pro and zoom accessories. 

We’ve traveled around the world with our drones for the last few years and know the importance of having the right drone gear you need to capture epic footage.

 We’ve put together this list of the best DJI Mavic 2 pro and zoom accessories that every drone owner should consider investing in. 

10 Best Dji Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom Accessories - Must Have

The accessories in this list will allow you to fly longer, safer and capture the best footage possible with your Dji Mavic Air drone.
  Here are our favorite DJI Mavic Air Accessories you should have to maximize your new drone’s potential:

1- Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery

 Your flight time isn't enough?
 Stock up for long shoots with the Intelligent Flight Battery for Mavic 2 from DJI. This battery has a 3850mAh and 59.29Wh capacity that delivers enough power for up to 31 minutes of flight time. 

Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery

 With a built-in DJI Intelligent Battery Management System, battery status is monitored and reported in real-time, allowing you to focus less on your power levels and more on having an epic flight.


  • Mavic 2 Pro
  • Mavic 2 Zoom
  • Mavic 2 Charger
  • Mavic 2 Car Charger
  • Mavic 2 Charging Hub
  • Mavic 2 Battery to Power Bank Adapter

2- Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom ND Filters Set

Mavic 2 Pro ND Filters Set

 This set includes ND4, ND8, ND16, and ND32 Filters, allowing 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, and 1/32 of incoming light through respectively, equal to 2/3/4/5-stop filters.

These high-quality, light reducing ND filters reduce the amount of light coming into the sensor, giving you more control of the camera's aperture, exposure time, and sensor sensitivity settings. 
A precise snap-joint design ensures a reliable fit and lens seal during flight.

Four filter options offer you more freedom in controlling aperture and shutter, giving you more exposure choices for your photography.

 Note: These ND Filters are Made specifically for the Mavic 2 Pro


For Dji Mavic 2 Zoom Users, you can use this ND Filters.


3- Dji Mavic 2 Propeller Guard

 DJI launched new accessories for the Mavic Pro 2 and Mavic 2 Zoom today, one of which is a propeller guard. These aren’t the most exciting releases but they’re, as we would say at ol’ Circuit Breaker, “practical gadgets.” 

In addition to the propeller guard, which goes around the propellers, DJI is launching a propeller cage, which mounts on the Mavic 2 Pro’s arms to completely wrap around the propellers. (It’s pictured above.)

Mavic 2 Propeller Guard

  • Protects people and objects from spinning propellers, improving flight safety.
  • Ingenious design for quick assembly and disassembly.
  • Improves flight safety
  • Quick assembly and disassembly
  • Compatible with Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom

4- Dji Mavic 2 Shoulder Bag

Mavic 2 Shoulder Bag
The versatile Mavic 2 Shoulder Bag is specially designed for the Mavic 2. It is capable of holding one aircraft, one remote controller, four Intelligent Flight Batteries, a smartphone, extra propellers, ND filters, SD cards, and plenty of other accessories. It also serves as a normal travel backpack.


5- Dji Mavic 2 Car Charger

The Mavic 2 Car Charger is the best way to charge the Mavic intelligent batteries while your out and about via the car's cigarette lighter port. Just to make sure your car will start there is a built-in low voltage protection for the car battery. There is even overheating protection that stops the charging if the cigarette lighter port becomes too hot.

Mavic 2 Car Charger

  • Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Batteries
  • Mavic 2 Battery Charging Hub

6- Mavic 2 Battery Charging Hub

 Enjoy up to four charging ports when using the Battery Charging Hub with the Car Charger or Battery Charger. The Battery Charging Hub enhances efficiency by charging batteries in sequence according to their remaining power level, with more fully-charged batteries receiving power first.

Mavic 2 Battery Charging Hub 

  • Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery
  • Mavic 2 Charger
  • Mavic 2 Car Charger

7- PGYTECH Drone Landing Pad

 Landing pads are useful with the Mavic 2 drones since they have such a low-profile to the ground and an object could jar the gimbal while landing. 

PGYTECH Drone Landing Pad

 They can be helpful for taking off in the grass as well so the props don't hit anything. Pegs are also included so you can secure the landing pad to the ground in strong winds.



8- Mavic 2 Micro SD Card

 Both the Mavic 2 Pro and Zoom feature 8GB of onboard storage. In case you forget your memory card, you can still get some shots. Emphasis on some. You're definitely going to need some more storage.

Mavic 2 Micro SD Card

 We recommend the 64GB memory card - but if you're going to be shooting a lot or your a person who doesn't offload footage as soon as you are done shooting, a 128gb might be better for you.

9- Dji mavic signal booster

 I originally purchased one to use with my DJI Spark and it made a decided difference in signal strength on long-range flights. What constitutes long range, of course, varies with conditions and the setting. As other drone owners likely know, your effective control range is affected by frequency band (2.4 vs 5.8 Gigahertz), interference on the specific channel used in connecting with the drone and potential signal blockages between the operator and the drone. If you are flying in a city with a lot of WiFi pollution, or if there are hills, trees or buildings between the controller and the drone, that can severely limit the range.

 There are a few key factors involved in the use of these boosters. You should remove the protective film over the reflective surfaces, and insure that you fully seat the reflectors on both antennas. When properly installed they should be firmly seated on the antenna bases with the tips of the antennas protruding out of the top of the boosters. I always tilt my antennas slightly forward as it makes it easier to see the phone screen and the boosters don’t interfere with control stick operation. The tilt angle of the antennas to the controller is unimportant, but it is essential that the operator always insures that the flat (not the top) of the antennas is always presented to the drone. The signal is weakest off the top and strongest off the side of the antennas.

Threeking Foldable Parabolic Signal Booster Range Extender Antenna Extender Compatible for DJI Mavic Pro/Mavic 2 Pro/Mavic 2 Zoom/Spark/Mavic Air Remote Controller

 It is important that the operator understand that these boosters make the antennas much more directional. That means that when you are flying your drone, you need to keep the cups of the boosters pointed at the drone because that's where the signal will be strongest. It's not so much an issue when the drone is very close, but critical when the drone is far away and the signals are weaker. To be clear, the boosters will still strengthen your connection to the drone if you are off a few degrees, but not if you are off by 45 degrees or more in weak signal situations.

 I have done my own testing to see if the boosters made a difference and they clearly function as advertised. I sent my Spark out until it reached the limit of reception and it started an automatic return home because of the weak signal. I only had one bar of signal strength indicated at that point. I slipped the boosters on the controller antennas, pointed it at the Spark and I now had three bars indicated. I canceled the return to home and sent the drone out again, passing the point where I'd lost signal and going another 2,000 feet before dropping to one bar again. I've tried this multiple times with the same result.

 This booster is compatible with:
  • Mavic pro
  • Mavic Pro Platinum
  • Mavic 2 Pro
  • Mavic 2 Zoom
  • Mavic Air
  • Dji Spark 

10- Dji Goggles Re

 DJI Goggles Racing Edition (RE) are ready for action! Perfect for FPV, RC, and DIY enthusiasts, DJI's new FPV goggles feature a whole new look and feel, and they come with an OcuSync transmission module that you can attach to just about any RC vehicle. In this video, four friends take their DJI Goggles RE out racing and experience FPV like never before.

The main differences between DJI Goggles Racing Edition (RE) and DJI Goggles?

  1. Full compatible with Dji Mavic 2 series
  2. In addition to the 2.4GHz digital transmission band, the new DJI Goggles RE also supports the 5.8GHz band, which can avoid the usual inference on the more crowded 2.4GHz.
  3. DJI Goggles RE has redesigned the internal linear polarized omnidirectional antennas and added new external Pagoda antenna, a 5.8GHz single-frequency omnidirectional left hand circularly polarized (LHCP) antenna.
  4. DJI Goggles RE has restructured the radio communication strategy and video decoding algorithm to lower transmission latency to 50 ms* (with wireless transmission latency of less than 10 ms), ensuring smooth and reliable video transmission and avoiding video lag and disconnection from the digital video transmission system when operating in a normal environment.
  5. DJI Goggles RE supports analog transmission at any integer frequency between 5.650~5.925 GHz and analog video storage on a Micro SD card.
  6. DJI Goggles RE can store digital video on a Micro SD card.
  7. DJI Goggles RE supports local video playback and Sphere pano viewing, allowing users to turn their head to get a 360° view of the Sphere pano.
  8. The facial pad has been redesigned and the headband has used new replaceable leather materials to make it even more comfortable to wear.
  9. *When tested with a 480p video feed.



Bonus: DJI Care Refresh + (Mavic 2)

 DJI Care refresh is a great program that can help you if you have an accident with your Dji mavic 2 drone. There is a fee if you need to use it, but the fees are much smaller than buying a new drone. That's for sure. Be sure to activate DJI Care Refresh within 24 hours of activating the Mavic 2 Pro or Mavic 2 Zoom!

Please Note:

Before purchasing DJI Care Refresh +, ensure that the DJI Care Refresh purchased for your aircraft is still valid, and there is at least one replacement left.


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