Yuneec HD Racer Review - What is the Differences

Yuneec has announced three new drones at CES 2018. The Typhoon H Plus, Firebird FPV and HD Racer. In this review we will talk about the Yuneec HD Racer.

 The HD Racer “fits in the palm of your hand and once in the air, gives pilots an immersive experience with cutting-edge technology.” Designed for both beginners and experience pilots, the HD Racer offers built-in flight stabilization and protected blades for safe indoor flight.

Yuneec HD Racer

 On board is an HD camera that films in real time in 1080p or 720p / 60, and sends the image in real time to your devices, iOS or Android. Yuneec ensures that the latency is very reduced! Hope this is enough to fly in immersion.

 Built-in flight stabilization, with beginner and advanced modes, allow any skill level of pilot to experience the nimble, action packed experience of a racing drone. Its compact size, protected blades, and durable construction make it safe to fly indoors.

Yuneec HD Racer

 While in the air, pilots can seamlessly navigate through any obstacle with an optimized, all-digital, low latency HD video downlink. Additionally, pilots can record and share their best racing moments in high resolution 1080p at 60fps. If pilots do catch an obstacle, ‘Flip-Up’ mode automatically uprights the downed HD Racer to maximize flying and minimize downtime.

Yuneec HD Racer Specs

  • FPV race quadcopter
  • Integrated FPV camera
  • Optimized HD video link with low delay for unmatched video experience
  • Built-in flight stabilization with beginner and advanced modes for any experience level
  • Flip Up mode automatically uprights your crashed racer to maximize flying and minimize walking
  • 1S 550mAh LiPo battery (Flight time up to 6 minutes)
  • Rugged construction
  • Quiet impeller design

 The HD Racer won’t be out til the second half of 2018, and will sell for $179.99 upon release.

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