Why You Should Buy DJI Goggles Now?!

DJI Googles
 DJI has finally dished full details of the FPV goggles that were teased at last year’s Mavic Pro event.

 We finally have pricing and a shipping date. For USD $449, you’re getting everything I talk about in this article. You can order the DJI Goggles now and they start shipping on May 30th. 

 They are currently in limited production, so I recommend ordering them soon if you don’t want to wait for months. As you know the DJI Goggles, will work with the Mavic Pro, Phantom 4, and Inspire series drones.

 Have you ever seen the Oculus Rift? It’s like that but mixed with the magic of DJI Company and two 1920x1080 screens. That’s more pixels than any headset I’ve ever used, and the colors are good too.

 However, this isn’t just a nice pair of HD screens. On the left side, you will find a capacitive touch pad. When you have the goggles on, you see not only a video feed but also a HUD (heads-up-display) with useful flight information and settings that you can change on the fly.


 Using the touch pad, you can even change settings on the drone (like camera exposure white balance and more) all without ever looking down at your controller! Additionally, you can use the 5D button and the buttons on the back of the Mavic Pro’s controller to navigate, so your hands never have to leave the controller.

 None of these features matter if the video feed isn’t good, but DJI didn’t disappoint in this area either. The DJI Goggles use OcuSync (the data transmission technology from the Mavic Pro) to communicate directly with the drone that you’re using. This means low latency 1080p video at 30fps, 720p 60fps, or 720p 30fps (when shooting in 4K).

In Short Dji Goggles Specs:

  • Two viewing modes: one in 720p resolution at 60fps and another in 1080p at 30fps, both with a latency of 110ms
  • 1920x1080 resolution per eye
  • A touchpad for navigating menus
  • Headphone jack
  • Micro SD card slot / Micro USB / HDMI inputs, so they can be used for other purposes
  • Six hours of battery life

Dji Goggles vs Traditional FPV Goggles

 Compared to traditional Goggles for FPV racing, the DJI goggles are not even on the same planet. Here is a comparison just putting a camera up to the lenses of both goggles. Obviously, a picture will never do justice, but it should give you some idea of what I am talking about.

 The DJI Goggles display a 1920X1080 image in front of each of your eyes, which is like having two HD displays strapped to your face. The company says that wearing the goggles is like looking at a 216-inch home theater screen set about three meters away.

Dji Goggles vs Traditional FPV Goggles

 You can wirelessly connect to a Mavic Pro or Phantom 4 drone and use head movements to control both aircraft yaw -- the spin around its center axis -- as well as camera tilt. Up to two goggles can connect to the Mavic Pro drone, so you can share your aerial adventures with a friend, too.

Why You Should Buy DJI GOGGLES  Now!
 The first reason to buy Dji Goggles now it’s the limited of stock and the price will be higher than now. The price at the moment it’s 449.00$ and DJI Goggles it’s available just in Dji Store.

Dji Goggles

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