More than a year ago, drone maker DJI revealed its first pair of DJI Goggles. It wasn’t until May that those goggles started shipping out to customers and now, a mere six month later, DJI is back with a new version. This new headset is called DJI Goggles RE, with the new edition to the name short for “Racing Edition.”

First of all, let’s get the cosmetics out of the way. DJI Goggles Racing Edition (RE) feature a redesigned metallic matte black visor and headband, along with padding covered by high-quality red leather.

DJI GOGGLES Racing Editon

 These new goggles are also compatible with non-DJI branded drones and third-party flight controllers like the F3 and Naze. The DJI Goggles RE support Sphere panoramic viewing and video streaming with the OcuSync Video Transmission Module, which has 12 transmission channels designed to reduce interference during a race, when multiple drones are likely flying by one another.

To that end, there’s an automatic frequency-hopping spread spectrum transmission, which jumps to the 2.4 and 5.8 GHz channels, depending on which has the least noise. The transmission module can reach latencies as low as 50ms. That transmission module can reach latencies as low as 50ms and has a maximum control range that tops out at 7km.

 Transmission resolution clocks in at 1280×960, and you can even connect two pairs of DJI Googles RE or an extra Mavic Pro Controller to the OcuSync transmitter, allowing a spectator to watch with the extra headset or with a smart device connected to the controller.

An Immersive FPV Experience:

 The Dji Goggles RE package includes an OcuSync-enabled camera to be mounted on other fixed-wing and multi-rotor aircrafts. Utilizing a 1/3” image sensor, the OcuSync Camera provides much higher-resolution video transmission than most analog FPV goggles on the market.


It also uses a global shutter, significantly reducing rolling shutter effect caused by high-frequency vibration allowing for an overall improved video experience. The camera’s low-distortion lens delivers a wide, yet natural-looking image with an 148° field of view (FOV) that enables users to control flight more accurately and record the flight for post-analysis or sharing.

Multiple Antenna Options for Different Flight Scenarios

In addition to the antennas inside the DJI Goggles RE for 360° signal receiving, the DJI OcuSync Air Unit comes with a set of three compatible interchangeable antennas for different scenarios:

  • Pagoda: This circularly polarized analog antenna performs best at 5.8 GHz.
  • Cylindrical: Also circularly polarized, this antenna operates at 2.4 and 5.8 GHz for fully integrated performance. The dual frequency reduces chances of interference and operates smoothly at longer flight ranges.
  • Dipole: Linearly polarized, this dual frequency antenna operates at 2.4 and 5.8 GHz and is lightweight, allowing for a clear video feed at close distances.

Dji Goggles RE Compatibility:

 Dji Goggles RE is compatible with the Dji Mavic Pro series, Phantom 4 series and Dji Inspire 2. Dji Goggles RE "Racing Edition" inherit all the great features of Dji Goggles, including full flight setting control, two hight-resolution screens, Head Tracking, and more. In addition, an optimized facial pas and head offer added comfort and better light blockage.

DJI GOGGLES Racing Editon

 Apart from compatibility with racing quads and fixed-wing model aircraft, DJI Goggles Racing Edition can be used with vehicles, robots, and industrial drones to provide clear FPV during cargo transportation, search and rescue operations, and even structural inspections.

Dji Goggles RE Price:

 You’ll also have the option of connecting two pairs of the goggles together so another person could watch and control a drone alongside you. DJI’s new model starts shipping at the end of this month for $549, just missing Black Friday weekend. But there does happen to be a bundle with the OcuSync Air System and DJI Goggles Backpack that goes for $859.

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