Fat Shark 101 Kit Review - The Best for New FPV Pilots?

When it comes to drone-racing goggle, Fat Shark is king. For years, they've been the defacto leader in the field, providing the most advanced consumer-grade analog goggles for those who need to see their drone's point of view (POV). For the most part, the analog standard has been working out well. Or, rather, well enough. Fat Shark is about to change all that, and is boldly moving into the digital frontier of the drone-racing goggle market.

 According to Engadget, this fall the company will release a $350 Base HD all-digital goggle set, with 720p fidelity on a "Liquid Crystal on Silicone" (LCoS) display to provide adequate brightness, clarity, and contrast. The Base HD set offers users a 28-degree field of view (FOV), which is more than enough when it comes to racing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) around a pre-determined track.

 Before the new year, Fat Shark has announced the "Fat Shark’s 101 kit"

Fat Shark’s 101 kit

What's Fat Shark’s 101 kit?

 Fat Shark’s 101 kit is the perfect solution for anyone looking to get into sport drones. Composed of a custom-designed quadcopter, race-ready Recon goggles and a professional-grade radio, the kit has everything needed to get started in drones.

The Fat Shark 101 kit :

 For $250 (approximately AU$325 or £185), you get an RTF mini racing quad, controller and 5.8GHz Fat Shark FPV goggles. Everything is set up to work together out of the box, but it's all been simplified. The controller, for example, is down to essentials with just two switches: one for arming the motors, the other for switching between flight modes.

Fat Shark 101 kit

The Fat Shark 101 kit includes:

  • Shark Quad
  • Recon FPV glasses + headband and antenna
  • Fat Shark Radio
  • Two batteries + USB charger
  • Two replacement engines + four replacement propellers
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Two doors + supports
  • Lens cloth
  • USB cable radio

 The Fatshark 101 kit includes everything you need to get started in the world of racing or sporting drones. Includes the shark-shaped Drone with everything you need to start flying. In addition to the FPV glasses and a control station.

Fat Shark 101 kit

It has different flight modes both stabilized for what they start in the FPV world and advanced modes for those who already have experience. It is also stable enough to fly at home and powerful enough to fly outside with moderate conditions.

 It also includes batteries and USB charger to facilitate the charging of these. In addition to the normal parts to make simple repairs and changes of propellers. The FPV glasses are compatible with standard frequencies and the Drone can be flown with any model of FatShark FPV glasses.

 Most mini quadcopters have one big problem: battery life. Seven or eight minutes of flight time is pretty standard at this size. The 101 doesn't last quite that long, with each USB-chargeable cell lasting about five minutes.

 You'll get two in the box, but you'll probably want to snag a couple more: Ten minutes in the air will definitely leave you hungry for more. While Fat Shark is debuting the 101 bundle today, you unfortunately won't be able to make this a late addition to your holiday gift list. Though pre-orders are open, it won't ship until January.

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