DJI F450 Review - How to Build?

DJI F450

 The DJI F450 Flame Wheel is actually designed as a frame. The owners can add or remove certain technical elements which make this quad extremely versatile. The F450 can be used for both fun and creating professional aerial views.

 Remember that the F450 is an ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) quadcopter and it requires medium to advanced building. Once you manage to put it together, you will see that the DJI F450 can do many cool staff and that it is pretty fun to own.

 The DJI F450 can be used for a wide variety of aeromodeling activities. It can also roll, hove and cruise. The F450 is made piece-by-piece and that is the best part about this quadcopter.

 The frame is sturdy and shock resistant. However, the damaged parts can be replaced in the case of more violent crash. You can also buy this quadcopter with other elements, such as a flight controller and a camera.

 However, these assemblies will be more expensive. Also, this quad can be purchased in RTF (ready-to-fly) mode, with an attached camera.

DJI F450 Flame Wheel Specs
  • This action is a DIY HJ-F450 Quadcopter kit, it is unassembled. Come with high quality electronic accessories, only need a 3S Lipo battery and a 6CH above radio system to complete.
  • Diagonal Wheelbase: 450mm
  • DJI 2212 920KV Brushless motor
  • HP Simonk 30A Speed Controller
  • Frame Weight: 282g
  • Takeoff Weight: 800g ~ 1600g
  • Landing gear: 17.5g each arm
  • 1 x APM2.8 Flight controller
  • Screws for landing gear: 6.86g (all screws)

DJI F450 Specs

 The best part about this multirotor is actually the fact that it is made piece-by-piece. The frame is sturdy and shock resistant, but in the case of a more violent crash, you just replace the damaged parts and move on. The RTF quadcopters require extensive replacement in such cases and things can get pretty expensive.

 Another piece of advice: be very careful when you purchase this multirotor because it comes in many arrangements. For example, you can simply buy the kit for about $30 to $50 but this means you will only receive the frame and the necessary elements to build it. This doesn’t mean that it will fly after build (it won’t be complete).

 You can also purchase the DJI F450 with other elements like a camera and a flight controller, but these assemblies will be more expensive. Also, there is the possibility to buy it in RTF mode, with an attached camera from specialized stores or online.

 Because the DJI is extremely popular among hobbyists, there are a series of fake copies on the market. They are cheaper, but the material is not as durable as with the original one.

How to build the DJI F450 Flamewheel Drone with Naza Flight Controller and DT7 Radio

  The best way to build a drone is follow someone who already build it 😅😅.


 As mentioned, the DJI F450 can be delivered in several ways. If you decide to buy the kit, the box should contain the following:

  • 1 x DJI F450 Frame with integrated PCB Wiring
  • 4 x 15A/30A E300 OPTO ESCs
  • 4 x 2212 920kv E300 3s or 4s motors
  • 4 x Propellers NEW Self Tightening (according to the kit type, the propellers could be different in size: 2 x 8 inch Propeller CW&CCW – 2 x 10 inch Propeller CW&CCW)
  • Screws and other connectivity elements

  DJI F450 Camera Review

 The DJI F450 doesn’t come with a built-in or included camera. However, it allows for a lot of space for the owner to add one. If you want amazing pictures and scenic views it is recommended to use this quadcopter with Gimbal and a GoPro camera.

  DJI F450 Camera Review

 This quadcopter also supports an FPV video transmitter. It allows for real-time streaming to a tablet or Smartphone. Again, since this is just a kit, the transmitter is not included.


 Again, since this is just a kit, the battery is not included and the producer recommends a 3S or a 4S Li-Po. One of the complete models I saw on the market used a 14.8V 4000mah 30C Li-Po Battery.

 Flight time depends on the battery you install on the quad and on how heavy it is after you install the camera.

 For example: 7 minutes, 55 seconds [with 14v (13%) remaining in battery].  Hovered at ~20 ft AGL; Location of test: ~280 MSL; Temperature: ~70 F;  No Wind

DJI F450 Flight Performance & Specs

 The DJI F450 is very stable in flight and once you learn its moves it is pretty simple to control. This quad is capable of performing a series of stunts, such as rolling and hovering.

The users report that this quadcopter can achieve the following flight performance – it can support up to 130 kph (80 mph), it has a maximum flight altitude of 466 meters (1528 Ft) and maximum ascent of 390 meters (1277 Ft).

DJI F450 Flight Performance & Specs

According to users, the DJI F450 can achieve the following flight performance:

  • Maximum Altitude – 1528 Ft
  • Maximum Speed – 80.07 Mph
  • Maximum Ascent – 1277 Ft

 In flight, this multirotor is very stable and quite easy to control once you learn its moves. It can do a series of acrobatics like rolling and hovering over one point for long time periods.

 Also, it has a very interesting failsafe for beginners: hands off the controller. When it doesn’t receive commands, the quad is centered automatically by the GPS module and simply hovers waiting for further instructions.


 In conclusion the DJI F450 is pretty much perfect for anyone who considers themselves to be a seasoned drone flyer looking for a machine to take them to the next level, without breaking the bank.

 For sure, it is more suited to those who have a larger interest in the overall working of drones as opposed to those who just want to take something out of the box and fly it, but if you are truly invested in the hobby, a little more knowledge is very often something that is sought after.

 DJI have once again shown that they know what they are doing and for those who consider themselves ready to move on from the basic entry level drones out there on the market the DJI F450 offers an incredibly fun way of doing so.

Price: 199.00$

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