Dji Spark Vs Yuneec Breeze Comparison

Dji Spark Vs Yuneec Breeze

 Every drone users have already know the last drone or Dji the "Spark", this drone is very awesome with an amazing features for just 499.00$.

 In the other hand, lot of Yuneec fans say: "Yuneec has already a small drone with all this features in Dji Spark, also cheapest than Spark"

 If you have seen the Yuneec Breeze 4K before, then you probably know that the DJI Spark is going to be its biggest competitor.

The two manufacturers — architects of the Typhoon H and the Phantom 4 Pro, respectively — have recently begun to pay more attention to the midrange market, shrinking their flagship drones down to offer more affordable choices. The result?

 The excellent Breeze and Spark, two drones worthy of our best drones under $500 list. The question is: Which drone is better? Well, we are here to break down the differences for you.

 Before that  i want to show you this comparison between DJI Spark, Hover Camera, Yuneec Breeze and Zerotech Dobby to know which is betetr for you!

Dji Spark Vs Yuneec Breeze Price

 Before see the specs and features of drone we must see our wallet 😋.

   That's why we will show you everything about the price of the both drones.

Dji Spark vs Yuneec Breeze/ Source:

        The first thing I thought about after getting the Breeze was how cheap it was. We got the Breeze from Amazon. It came with two extra batteries and some propeller guards for a little more than $410.00 after taxes (a good deal, if you ask me).

   The Spark starts at $499.00 and goes up to around $699.00 after getting the combo package, so the Breeze was obviously much cheaper. At this point, we didn’t know much about the Breeze other than the fact that it was Wi-Fi controlled and shot 4K video.

 We also knew that the Spark only shoots 1080p video.

  Yuneec Breeze Wins 👏👏! 

Dji Spark Vs Yuneec Breeze Specs

 In terms of speed and flight time, the Spark is up, cranking out 31 mph for 16 minute flights. Bringing up the rear is the Breeze, clocking a maximum speed of 11 mph and flying for a meager 12 minutes.

 The Breeze is made out of a lightweight plastic, and many drone pilots have noted that it feels less durable than the components for the Mavic and the Spark. This can be problematic in any sort of crash, as you could experience severe damage to the aircraft. 

Dji Spark
Dji Spark
Yuneec Breeze
Yuneec Breeze
10.58 ounces
13.58 ounces
5.63 x 5.63 x 2.17 inches
7.72 x 7.72 x 2.56 inches
Battery Life
up to 16 minutes
up to 12 minutes (x2)
31 mph
11.19 mph
Max Climbing Speed
6.71 mph
2.24 mph
2-axis mechanical
1080p video at 30fps, 12-megapixel photo
4K video at 30fps, 13-megapixel photo
Flight Modes
Pilot, Selfie, Orbit, Journey, VisionTrack
Quickshot (Rocket, Dronie, Circle, Helix), Tapfly, ActiveTrack, Gesture
Drone Price
499.00$ - 699.00$
320.00$ - 410.00$
Amazon - Dell

Dji Spark Vs Yuneec Breeze

Dji Spark
Yuneec Breeze
Sensor Size
Film Rate
12 MP and FHD 1920x1080
13 MP and 4K Video
Shutter Type
Shutter Speed
Max Video Bitrate
24 mbps
Camera Image
DJI Spark camera
Yuneec Breeze camera

  With the Breeze, you get 4K video, and 1080p stabilized video. The Spark only has 1080p, so that must mean that the Breeze is better right? No. If you want 4K video, the Breeze has it, but you aren’t getting any stabilization in 4K.

 In other words, your videos will look like you strapped a camera onto a twitchy flying bug. I had known this before I got the Breeze, but what I didn’t know is that it doesn’t get much better when switching over to 1080p.

 Yes, the video is “stabilized” but it isn’t that rock solid gimbal quality stabilization that we’ve all come to know and love. It’s more like being on a boat in the ocean.

 If you bob and tilt the drone back and forth, the video goes with it.

  On the Spark, you don’t get 4K, but what you do get is a real two-axis gimbal. This makes a world of difference compared to the Breeze. 90% of the time, the videos you can get look almost as smooth as the DJI Mavic Pro, a drone that costs more than twice as much as the Spark.

 Yes, as a filmmaker, I wish it did 4K, but the Spark is not a drone for pros, and neither is the Yuneec Breeze, so I don’t think 4K is necessary, and I would take better stabilization over higher resolution any day of the week.


 Neither drone comes with a remote control; you’ll need to use your smartphone instead. This isn’t a big problem — in fact, it’s pretty standard for smaller drones — but a physical controller would be nice. 

Dji Spark Vs Yuneec Breeze

 About drone design Dji spark is better than yuneec breeze, but both of these drones are great buys for less than $500, but they’re not quite equals. Despite the sizable advantage that comes along with a 4K-capable camera, the Yuneec Breeze can’t compare to the DJI Spark when it comes to functionality, features, or flight stability.

 The Spark won’t capture footage in ultra-high definition, but its suite of flight modes and its collision avoidance software are generally hallmarks of far more expensive offerings. If you are just looking for some cheap thrills, the Breeze might be a good choice, but for our money, the Spark is superior.

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