Dji Arena: Are You Ready to Fly?!

Dji Arena

 DJI, the world leader in unmanned aerial vehicle technology has opened a new facility in South Korea that allows drone owners to learn more about flying their craft and that gives its drone customers a safe place to gather and fly.

DJI said the 1,395-square-meter arena will be available for all skill levels. Situated in Yongin 20 miles south of Seoul, the arena will host an academy for pilots between the ages of 8 and 16, as well as individual and group sessions for adults, schools and businesses.

Welcome in Dji Arena! .

 DJI claims it wants to make aerial technology more accessible and easier to use for anyone who wants to use it’ and to ‘play an important role in building a healthy UAV ecosystem in Korea.’ The company provides drones for those on education programs while others will need to bring their own.

  Pre-booking via online reservation made to is required before one can use the facilities in the arena. It will be on a first come first serve basis. To minimize the risk of mid-air collisions, only 12 pilots are allowed to fly at any one time. Each flying session can last up to three hours and entrance fee is about 15000 won (USD13.50) per person per session.

Dji Arena

  DJI’s drone arena will also have a maintenance room with charging docks and a workstation for people to do minor repairs. The DJI Arena will be open for individual and group bookings, corporate event rental and a venue for DJI New Pilot Experience Program and workshops.

  The 1,395-square-meter arena offers an adjustable LED-lit circuit for pilots who want to test their skills, LCD TVs that show spectators the first-person view from the drone.

Details on the Different Programs will be available in Dji Arena:

  • Corporate Event Rental: Rental for corporate and special events is available between 10am-8pm all week. The minimum venue rental fee is 500,000 KRW (USD 452) for 30 people and 30,000 KRW (USD 27) per additional participant. Booking must be made two weeks in advance.
  • Flying Academy: Children between ages 8 to 16 can also learn about DJI’s aerial technologies and become a skilled pilot. As part of the program, participants will learn the features of the Phantom 4, safety tips and best practices, and complete a total of eight practice sessions during the course of one month. The Flying Academy will commence later in September.
  • Private Training: DJI’s professional pilot will be available for 1:1 training if participants prefer a more tailored program. To start, participants will learn how to fly the Phantom 4, one of the most intelligent and easy-to-fly consumer drone with features such as ActiveTrack, Tap Fly, Obstacle Avoidance and a Sport Mode.
  • School Tours: DJI Arena is the perfect place for students to learn about UAV technologies and a great venue if schools are looking for an educational and fun experience for their students’ next field trip. The program can be tailored for the school with booking done in advance. Each session usually runs for two to three hours depending on the number of participants.  

Dji Store
DJI’s retail store in Hongdae, Seoul.
  The five-story, 870-square-meter flagship store will showcase a full range of DJI’s aerial technologies and camera products including the latest Phantom 4 Pro, the full Phantom 3 series, Inspire 2, Spreading Wings, Matrice 200, the Ronin 2, as well as the company’s first integrated stabilized 4K handheld camera, the Osmo.

 The Seoul store is DJI’s second foray into retail after the December opening of its shop near the company’s headquarters in Shenzhen, China.

 Moon Tae-hyun, DJI Korea’s Country Manager, said the following about the new DJI Arena in Korea: 
 “DJI is committed to making aerial technology more accessible and easier to learn for anyone who wants to use it, and the DJI Arena is a great example. We hope to provide a safe and fun environment for people to experience the technology first hand, whether they are skilled enthusiasts or someone who is just curious to learn. Best of all, the indoor venue will provide a space for people to fly all year round despite weather conditions outside.”
 So, if you are visiting Seoul for business or pleasure, drop by DJI Arena for a lot of fun flying. Have a race, have fun and keep flying

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