DJI Launches Apple TV App for Streaming Drone Footage

 Dji presented this week their first app for tv (Apple TV and Samsung TV under Tizen ) . This app is designed to allow users to watch aerial content and 4K videos captured from around the world using DJI drones. 

DJI Launches Apple TV App for Streaming Drone Footage

 "We've made flying and capturing aerial footage easy with our drones, and now with the DJI Smart TV App, creators will have more ways to share their work with the world. This is really an opportunity for people to be inspired, intrigued, travel to places they would have never imagined and see the world in a whole new way," said Paul Pan, Senior Product Manager.
 Content appears to be curated by DJI, with current offerings including professional footage from WRC events and official product promotion videos. A section called "DJI Creators" mixes in content captured by professional and amateur users, while other categories include product-specific overviews and device tutorials.

 The Dji App can be used both to watch drone footage and upload drone footage that can then be shared with other users. Content currently available is curated by DJI and is organized into various categories. 

 DJI's Apple TV app can be downloaded on the fourth-generation Apple TV through the tvOS App Store. It's also available on Samsung Tizen TV platforms.

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