TOP Nikon D810 DSLR Accessories You Should Have

Nikon D810 DSLR Accessories

 In the spring of 2012, Nikon announced two of the highest-resolution DSLRs ever made – the D800 and D800E. These cameras are practically identical, the only difference being that the effect of the optical low-pass filter is cancelled out in the D800E.

 Two years on, Nikon is replacing both with a single model, the D810. This new camera is the first full-frame DSLR not to have an optical low-pass filter at all, while it also features a new 36.3-million-pixel sensor design.

 Our team of photographers have created different categories for these accessories for D810; They have been separated into Camera bags, filters, flashes, flash accessories, batteries and chargers, lenses and much more.

 You will find all these categories on the left side of your screen. Start using all the possibilities of your Nikon D810 today.

Nikon D810 Neck Strap

 Now, I will tell you up front that I haven’t tried any straps by this retailer, so I don’t know how comfortable it is. Which that being said, I don’t know how it could be any more uncomfortable than the straps Nikon includes with their cameras. Am I right? Who is with me? I thought this strap was great because of the no slip feature and the extra pockets that it has. At $10, it’s a good bargain buy!

Altura Photo Professional Flash Kit for NIKON D810 DSLR

- Compatible with ALL Nikon cameras with a standard hot-shoe mount.

- Easy to use flash with professional features and outstanding build quality. Dependable and fun to use at a price much lower than rest.
- 68(m) Guide Number. Powerful flash performance.
- TTL, manual, strobe, slave 1 and slave 2 modes.
- Use as a full TTL automatic flash or use in manual mode and set custom controls from the on camera menu. Features a memory function and power saving Sleep mode.
- Use in slave mode with a highly sensitive wireless triggering sensor.
- Large back-lit LCD display. Syncs with your camera to show aperture, zoom and ISO settings.
- Includes a flash stand with tripod mount, separate hard flash diffuser, and high quality protective pouch with battery holder and belt strap loop.
- Super fast 4 second recycling time
- Zoom Range: 7-step auto/manual 24-28-35-50-70-80-105mm
- Power Ratio: 1/1 - 1/128
- 180° bounce, swivel and zoom head
Price: 74.90$

Hard-Body Travel and Storage Case Camera
 Provides hard exterior protection, and dense interior cushion for storing or traveling with your high value camera equipment and accessories.

Accommodates Nikon Digital SLR Cameras and Accessories:
Compatible with: 
D7200 / D7100 / D7000
D810a / D810 / D800
D5500 / D5300 / D5200 / D5100
D750 / D4s / D610 / D600 / D800E / D4
D3300 / D3100

 Nikon EN-EL15 Compatible Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery for Nikon D810
 The Nikon EN-EL15 Compatible Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery for Nikon D810 is a premium quality 7.0v, 1050mAh lithium-ion replacement or maybe even a spare battery for the original Nikon EN-EL15 battery; it is charged using the original or equivalent suitable Nikon chargers and retains the charge load just like the original battery.

Li-ion batteries do not have “memory effect” and enable recharging of the battery without need for a full discharge.

  • Charge with the original charger
  • Compatible Nikon battery
  • Compact lithium-ion technology

Lowepro Flipside 500 Backpack for Nikon D810
 The Lowepro Flipside 500 Backpack specially designed to transport enough a pro-level DSLR with a camera grip, a connected 500mm f/4 lens, 1 to 2 extra camera bodies, 2 to 4 additional lenses, an external flash, a tripod or monopod, memory cards as well as smaller equipment.

Product features:

  • Body-side access design supplies added security whilst carrying.
  • Unique, back-entry section provides easy access to gear when the pack is rotated to the front.
  • A spacious and padded inner compartment provides a protective and adjustable divider system for simple personalization of equipment.
  • Hideaway tripod holder carries a compact tripod or monopod.
  • Includes attachment loops designed for optional SlipLock add-on accessories.

It includes a back-entry region that delivers comfortable access to your camera gear, even when setting up the harness of the bag is elevated from the ground to keep it free of dirt and provides extra protection whenever on the go. Adaptable dividers make it possible for personalize the entire inner compartment.
The backpack includes a Hideaway Tripod Holder which you can use to secure a tripod or monopod to the backpack, an integrated All Weather Cover and Hypalon connection loops for compatible SlipLock products (additionlly available).
It is transported with a carry handle, contoured backpack straps using a back pad for extra comfort and ease and to do away with moisture and a mesh coated cushioned waist belt. 

Gloxy ND2-ND400 Variable Filter for Nikon D810

  • Modify different levels of ND from ND2 to ND400
  • Control the depth of field in your photos
  • Ideal in situations with strong light
  • Allows increasing the exposure time of photographs
  • Compatible with black and white photography
  • Protective pouch included
  • Available for various lens diameters

 This filter gives you the ability to adapt to all situations of extreme light, such as sunny days near the beach or even in a snowstorm, if you only use the parameters of your camera you obtain overexposed photographs and greatly exaggerated contrast.

 It also will prove extremely useful for different effects for individual photos. For example, if you want to photograph an eclipse you need to use a neutral density filter and if it is a Variable ND filter it´s possible to adjust the light according to the progress of the eclipse.

 Also easily create special effects using movement by increasing exposure times of your photos, especially useful when photographing a waterfall, river, sea, or the movement of the clouds ...
Photograph by Martin Turner
 A Gloxy ND Filter is also used in other circumstances; It is extremely useful for outdoor photo sessions when the daylight is combined with a fill flash. Once we have the perfect lighting, when we obtain a smoothly blurred background we can open most of the diaphragm.

 To compensate the shutter speed will increase, but beware! If using a flash, we cannot increase it too much or we lose synchronization. 

For example, you cannot use a faster shutter speed of 1/250; so the image is overexposed. This is where the ND filter comes in: so you can keep both settings to meet your requirements; an ND filter allows us to avoid overexposing the image and helps to achieve perfect exposure, complete with an attractive blurred background that will highlight the subject.

 This filter is designed with high quality glass resulting in an extremely durable and robust filter. Do not hesitate to make use of this practical and useful filter on your lens to improve your photography, here you have a neutral density filter that can adapt to almost any situation and it really should be part of your photographic gear.

Professional Tripod for Nikon D810

  • Professional Gloxy GX-T6222A four section Tripod.
  • Supports cameras and camcorders weighing up to 10 kg.
  • Hot shoe with quick release and bubble level.
  • Central column adjustable for height and invertible for macro shots.
  • Made of aluminum alloy and ABS plastic, lightweight and durable.
  • Top of the legs are padded, and the leg tips are retractable using steel spikes.

 The Professional Tripod for Nikon D810 is a professional tripod made of aluminum alloy and ABS plastic and is light-weight and resistant. Compatible with both photography and video. The Gloxy tripod includes a head with a quick release shoe that allows quick insertion and removal of the camera and a handy case is included for easy carrying.
Transcend 32GB For Nikon D810

A Transcend 32GB 1000x Compact Flash Memory Card provides superb quality image and video capture using today's cutting-edge digital equipment, a low power consumption and a rapid write speed assist increase the battery runtime and the card has a large 32MB total capacity for the storage of high quality films and photographs.

 The card uses read speeds of 160 MB/s and write speeds of 120 MB/s (32~128GB). The speed can vary as a result of host hardware, computer software and use. Transcend's 1000x Compact Flash memory cards assist Compact Flash 6.0 standards, that offers exceptional high-speed efficiency and substantial storage space.

 Furthermore, 1000x series cards put into action the Video Performance Guarantee (VPG-20) to allow for professional-quality video production devoid of dropping frames.

Raynox HD-6600 Pro Wide Angle Lens for Nikon D810
Raynox HD-6600 Pro Wide Angle Lens for Nikon D810

Use this Raynox HD-6600 wide angle conversion lens to enlarge your views, obtaining stunning wide angle shots with your photo or video camera. The great advantage that you get with Raynox is the proved lens quality. It is designed to work with HD camcoders without losing resolution. Thus, your images are always in the right way. You get a fantastic lens made of high index optical glass, ready to meet professional video needs.

Product features:

  • Raynox wide angle conversion lens with 0.66x factor
  • Suitable for HD camcoders and DSLR cameras
  • Made of high index optical glasses
  • No light reduction
Samyang 14mm f/2.8 for Nikon D810
Samyang 14mm f/2.8 for Nikon D810
For those people trying to find an ultra-wide lens, which can be capable of offering good quality at the right price simply cannot go wrong with the Samyang 14mm f/2.8 for Nikon D810.

 Aspherical lenses are generally lenses using sophisticated curved surface types, for instance where the radius of curvature shifts in accordance with distance from the optical axis.

Aspherical lenses are governed by aberration therefore are unable to concentrate the light into one place. 

Aspherical lenses, nevertheless, deliver superb aberration correction operation, which offers outstanding resolution, despite compact optics consisting of a small amount of elements.

 The Samyang 14mm f/2.8 for Nikon D810 is an ultra wide-angle manual focus lens manufactured for both Full-Frame and APS-C cameras.

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