Dji Matrice 200 Series: Folding Drones and Water Resistant

 At MWC 2017. DJI, the company specializing in drones and aerial photography platforms, presented a new line of folding, waterproof, and magnetic interference resistant drills: The 'DJI Matrice 200 Series' (M200). These devices “M200” have a dual battery configuration allowing an autonomous flight of up to 35 minutes.
Dji Matrice 200 Series

The company said that this new line "M200" is ideal for enterprise applications, since you can perform aerial surveys and collection of data from an agile and safe way. Therefore, these drones will facilitate the users carrying out work such as inspection of bridges, prospecting of land and search and rescue missions.

 The M200 series are easy to carry and assemble; also, the water resistance makes them ideal for various field operations. They also have a support for stabilizer, mounted at the top and are compatible with X4S and X5S, cameras in addition to the team with zoom-Z30 and thermal photography XT.


M200 series have three versions:

-M200 standard with support for lower stabilizer.

-M210 with bottom bracket, two parallel supports and one top.

-M210 RTK includes D-RTK modules for navigation with centimeter accuracy.

DJI M200 series


Compatible GimbalsZenmuse X4S  (Click Here for more information)
Zenmuse X5S  (Click Here for more information)
Zenmuse Z30  (Click Here for more information)
Zenmuse XT     (Click Here for more information)
Dji Matrice 200 Series

 The functions of flight includes Spotlight, to set the camera on a target while the aircraft flies freely. Point of Interest, to encircle a lens orbiting smoothly. Tripod, to adjust the position and angle in narrow environments, and Active Track, to follow a person or object at the time that remains in the frame.

 DJI added that his new line "M200" has a front-facing camera in first person view. This allows a pilot and a camera to monitor different perspectives in different remote controlsat the same time.

 Finally, security features include sensors detecting obstacles facing forward, up anddown, as well as an ADS-B receiver for information on air traffic.

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