Intel Shooting Star Drone The Smart Firework - Quadcopter Review

Intel Shooting Star Drone

 Intel Shooting Star Drone one of the perfect drone for Holiday, we are so sorry because normally this Review must be before Christmas.

 Intel Shooting Star Drone is the smart firework. With friends who have Star Drone you can do your own firework.

 The drones weigh 280 g (0.6 lb.), less than a volleyball, and feature integrated LEDs that can be used to create more than 4 billion color combinations in the sky.

 Last week Intel and Disney revealed that it had flown 500 of the drones together in choreographed flight, all controlled by one pilot using just a single laptop, though for the public debut the spectacle will feature only 300.

Intel Shooting Star Drone

Intel Shooting Star Drones rely on GPS, but the software alone could lead in to the more sophisticated, industrial applications.

In short, this is the specs and features of Intel Shooting Star Drone.

 The Shooting Star drone is a quadcopter with encased rotors. It measures 384 x 384 x 93mm and has a 6-inch rotor diameter.

 Weight is 280g and flight time is up to 20 minutes. Maximum range is 1.5km. The drones can fly in wind speeds up to 10m/s and the maximum speed in GPS mode is 10 m/s with maximum light show airspeed of 3 m/s.

 The integrated LEDs can create over 4 billion color combinations using red, green, blue, and white LEDs.

 The special software interface allows the creation of a lightshow in days instead of weeks. Intel plans to expand the system to work with more drones in the future.
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