Best Speed Drone Racing for sale in 2017

Drone Racing League - Top Speed FPV for sale in 2017

 For people who ask every time, what is Drone Racing League "DRL".

DRL is the first professional race series for FPV drone racing. The Drone Racing League brings the world's best pilots together to fly the "DRL Racer 2" quadcopters head-to-head through new exciting neon-lit race courses.

 In this overview we will see "THE TOP BEST SPPED FPV "RACING DRONE" IN 2017"

"Drone Racing League"

TBS Vendetta FPV Racing Drone
TBS Vendetta

  Racing drones like the Vendetta are usually much smaller than camera drones like the Phantom 4, but don’t let the small size fool you. The TBS Vendetta will easily reach speeds of 70mph and above when racing on a track, or over 100mph when doing nose dives down the sides of cliff faces. The TBS Vendetta is one of the best speed FPV at the moment and the first competitor of Walkera F210.

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TBS Vendetta Features

  Here's the generic features taken straight from the TBS description:
  • 240-sized RTF FPV Racer
  • Quick-replace 3.5mm carbon fiber arms, MT30 connectors
  • Cobra CM2204/2300kV Motors, HQ 5x4x3 Props
  • TBS PowerCube with fastest F3 board available, 2-6S capable Bulletproof 30/50A ESCs
  • Compatible with PPM, SBUS, XBUS, Spektrum R/C systems
  • Fully configurable via OSD, no PC required
  • GoPro 3/4 and Mobius / Runcam mount included, both 10 and 30 degree variations
  • Lost model alarm
  • 410g weight without Battery or HD camera

Walkera F210 Professional FPV Racing Drone
Walkera F210 Professional FPV Racing Drone

 Walkera F210 Professional is one of the best Speed FPV at moment white perfect footage and amazing specs,the walkera f210 gives you incomparable flight enjoyement.

Night ViJion HD Camera FPV Racing Drone

 The camera has one million pixels, high-definition night vision lens and high-performane sensors, its photosensitive sensors can automatially adjust according to the brightness of light. When in dark places, the chip an easily switch to infrared surveillane mode to ensure the aircraft traverse normally. There is no restriction to the light, so the players an y the raer at daytime or at night.

Walkera F210 Professional FPV Racing Drone

Highlighted Features:
  • The latest F3 flight system
  • 700TVL Night Vision 5.8G video Transmission Camer
  • 5.8G Goggle-4 3D Glasses
  • Devo 7 Transmitter
  • With 5.8 G Double Antennas and 40 channels which support real-time HD images transmission

DYS XDR220 FPV Racing Drone
DYS XDR220 FPV Racing Drone
 XDR220 is another special FPV racer with high performance flying experience for the pilots, especially for the FPV racing, aerobatics flight, aerial photograph, fantastic flight view etc.

Highlighted Features:
  • Light, extra durable, strong and bend-resistant Carbon Fiber Frame with integrated electronics and HD CCD Camera for weight reduction results in advanced precision and control. The enhanced camera and sensor produces higher quality images
  • This fully assembled and ready-to-fly FPV racing drone is built with top racing spec motors allowing you to reach extreme high speeds without ruining your equipment.
  • Customizable switches, color LCD screen, intuitive setup, S.bus compatible (you get a faster response). Easy and comfortable to hold even for long flights!
  • High quality goggles with large crisp screen for maximum viewing experience, full peripheral view and smooth real-time video transmission. Easy to use, no setup required, plug and play make these goggles some of the best screen goggles for immersive FPV flying.
  • Cell balancing, increases power and battery lifetime. Quicker charging and safer than traditional wall chargers


-Wheelbase: 220mm-Whole frame weight: 310g-Motor: SE2205-2300KV-ESC: XS20A BLheli_S ESC-Prop: XT50403 Tri-prop-Flight control: XDR-F3-Transmitter: 5.8G/40CH/25mW to 200mW-The cover of camera angle: 30°/ 40°-Camera: 5V camera (CCD)-Battery(excluded): 3S-4S/1300mha-1500mha/35C-70C

Walkera Rodeo 110 FPV Racing Drone
Walkera Rodeo 110 FPV Racing Drone
 Walkera Rodeo 110 - it's a durable, palm size 110 class FPV racer with brushless motor
Rodeo 110 has everything you see on the big FPV racers, equipped with brushless motor, F3 generation flight controller, 600TVL FPV camera and 5.8Ghz 25/200mw adjustable VTX, very light weight design gives you about 5~6 minutes of flight time with the stock 7.4V 850mah LiPo battery and it's very durable, a lot of bash guards on the drone and special arch designed front arms offers more protection. Front LED light looks cool and you can even fly the drone at night, compact size is suitable for both indoor and outdoor.

Highlighted Features:
  • Equiped with 600TVL HD wide-angle camera; With Walkera Goggle2 5.8GHz FPV Head Tracker AV Glasses Goggle
  • High power real-time image transmission,support image transmission power 200mw/600mw one key to switch·
  • Rodeo combined with high efficiency power system and high-performance 850mah Li-po battery,the flying time can be 6 minutes
  • There is PPM/SBUS radio interface on flight control,can extend to install other brand radio,like Futaba.
  • DEVO 7 Transmitter

Z-Standby Mini 260 Racer FPV Racing Drone
Z-Standby Mini 260 Racer FPV Racing Drone

 Z-Standby Mini 260 is one of the best durable racing drone "fpv" is also the best choice for sale with amazing speed and strong battery life.

Highlighted Features:

  • Frame:260 Frame Kit (2pcs Frame Kits)
  • Flight Controller: 36x36mm Board, 30.5mm Mounting Holes.
  • Remote Controller:
  • Fast Response, 3ms Only, Which Is Much Less Than The Average 20ms Even 9 Channels It Acts Synchronously.
  • Adopt Two-Transmission Technology Of Radiolink AT10 10CH Radio Control, Support Signal Strength, Receiver Voltage Monitored, And Extending Battery Voltage, Temperature, Motor RPM, GPS

ARRIS C250 V2 FPV Racing Drone
ARRIS C250 V2 FPV Racing Drone

ARRIS C250 V2 is one more professional 250 fpv racing drone produced by ARRIS on the basis of the ARRIS C250. The same as the ARRIS C250, the C250 V2 has the advantage of simple structure and high strength. In the meanwhile, ARRIS C250 V2 adopts 4in1 30A tower for the first time, improve the performance of the drone much. ARRIS C250 V2 is fully assembled, tuned and tested before leaving the factory, it is ready to fly.

Highlighted Features:
  • Assembled RTF version, with Radiolink AT9 radio set, eachine EV800 FPV Goggle and 4S lipo battery.
  • ARRIS C250 V2 uses flycolor 4in1 30A tower, which greatly reduced the wiring messing.
  • The ARRIS C250 V2 adopts with the latest 5042 propeller, it has bigger windward area, well balance and strengthen root, and the efficiency is 10% higher than normal propeller.
  • With the high performance ARRIS X2205 2300KV brushless motor, the ARIS C250 has outstanding power.
  • The camera angle is adjustable.

Teal Drone - FPV Racing Drone

Teal Drone FPV for sale

 Launched by teenager George Matus, the sleek looking Teal drone claims to be the ‘World’s Fastest Production Drone’ with a claimed speed of 85 mph or 137 kmh. While this is not the quickest drone according to our research, this is still a very fast drone, aided by a high thrust to weight ratio of 4.8:1. Teal makes a lot of fuss about the drones onboard computing power, allowing you to develop your own apps for the drone.
 The Teal drone also boasts a 13 megapixel camera, recording 4K 24fps, 1080p 30fps or 720p 60fps footage. FPV footage is transmitted at 720P to either your handset or FPV headset. This FPV racing drone has a one mile range if you specify the 2.4ghz transmitter and a flight time of 20 minutes if you opt for the high endurance battery.
 The Teal drone is also stable in winds up to 40mph and will perform flips rolls and dives if desired. Check out this video of the Teal Drone.

Which drone do you like? Share with us your opinion in comment please!

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